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Mind 心


Well-Being encompasses all our parts, not just the physical body. When our emotions are in turmoil or our mind is bombarded with obsessive thoughts our health is compromised. It is important to create balance in your life by nurturing your whole person, which includes spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical needs.

Body 身


It is by our body that we function. It’s comprised of organs and cells which consist of protein carbohydrates and fats. Our body contains our nervous system with nerves and the brain. It’s through our bodies that we connect to the physical world with our five senses.

Dr. Vincent Cheung Kai Yin (Ph.D.) 


張啟賢博士畢業於香港中文大學(榮譽理學學士),並於25歲取得香港大學哲學博士;曾於多份國際知名刊物發表二十多篇論文,包括科學界權威期刊"Nature Material (自然- 物料)"、Advanced Functional Material等。多年來張博士不僅積極參與社會服務,更是一位資深教育及培訓導師,分別取得國際認可(APP) 之 MBTI Step I & II Administrator、MBTI Team Building Trainer;NLP的高級執行師及發證導師專業資格;認可專業企業教練 (Worldwide Association of Business Coaches);更是美國催眠治療培訓導師協會認證之催眠治療師及發證導師。曾為各大商業機構及社會福利機構主辦 NLP、MBTI®、FIRO-B® 之人際關係、壓力處理、團隊建立、危機處理、EQ 與 AQ 等培訓課程。在過去的十年,張博士更積極地舉辦許多個人能力提升、家庭發展培訓以及全人成長工作坊,服務機構包括AIA Company (Bermuda) Limited、Prudential、Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd (HKEx港交所)、McDonalds’、Cathay Pacific、Consulate General of Finland、Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education、Ocean Park、Hong Kong Educational Authority 等。 


Spirit 靈

Emotional Well Being: Our emotional states are an important factor in our overall health. When our emotions are in flux, physical imbalances and illnesses are likely to surface.



Open your EYEOpen your HEARTOpen your MIND
張博士堅信假如要創造一個人的 成功 和 幸福

心態 就顯得特別重要。

他的 成功配方 是:能力 x 努力 x 態度

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